Workout outfit that will motivate you to go to the gym

workout outfit that will motivate you

I don’t know about you, but I surely lost a bit of motivation when it comes to my fitness resolution. Just the other day, I was posting about how to start and stick to a workout routine, and it now seems a lot easier to write than to do. It did seem easier a week ago, it was probably the new year rush still going through my blood. I did go running twice, and to the gym once but then I discover The Crown Season 2 on Netflix and went straight back to my couch potato state. Lets’ face it, if I start giving up now, there is no way I exercise at all by the end of the month. So, instead of sliding back into my natural state, I picked a new workout outfit to motivate myself.

There is nothing like brand new athletic wear to inspire me to sweat. You know what I’m talking about, the excitement to slid on a new pair of cute tights or the feeling from a new pair of sneakers. And lucky us, athletic brands have been good the past five years, designing sports gears that we actually want to wear in or out of the gym. Bright colors, bold prints, and sleek styles are trending right now. It is all made to help us look good to go to the gym. But, if you decide to wear it to go to brunch sipping bubbles instead, nobody will judge you. You will rock the trendy athleisure style, and we’ll style consider the new outfit a good investment.

With that said, I selected stylish workout outfits to motivate you to go the gym. Remember, once you dress the part, everything else comes naturally. At least, I wish…

Totally Teal

Workout outfit - Nike - Teal

Pink and Black

pink and black sportwear

Classic Black

classic black work out outfit

Orange and grey

orange and bgrey activewear

Pink and Grey

Pink and grey sport outfit

Grey and lime

grey and lime workout gear

Black and Blue

black and blue workout outfit

Classic colors

classic workout outfit
xoxo, Alex

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  1. Super cute looks! I’m exactly the same way! Whether it’s the gym or the office or out with friends, I like to feel put together and motivated to put my best foot forward!

  2. Omg those outfits are everything. I too started this resolution that I would start working out and at first I was but I kind of fell off. I don’t have a lot of workout clothes – at all! so maybe that is a part of my problem. So yes, I am bookmarking this page RIGHT NOW and I’m subscribing and I will definitely be back to purchase some of these cute outfits. Thanks!

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