We are moving

we are moving to Colombo

Boom! That’s a news!
Actually, not really. While it may come as a surprise to you, it is no surprise to us. We have known for almost a year that we would be moving, yet until now, we had no idea when and where we would be moving. Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, Singapore, all the options were open.  It has finally been decided, we are moving to the city of … Colombo!  And funny enough, this change is happening now that we have finally finished the furnishing, decoration, and organization of our current home. This is what expat life is all about, moving to a new place, transforming your new house into a home, meeting new people who will become friends and once it’s all done and settled, you just start all over again.

Imagine, thinking about moving for a full 8 month. That is a lot of time for a girl to imagine, anticipate, envision, plan and more. We, girls, do that; we imagine and live the experience before we even get a taste of it. With so many possibilities and so much of time in my hands (expat wife, remember) I really had built expectation (different life) for each of the cities. And while I had my favorite: Phuket and my least favorite: Singapore, Colombo was somewhere in the middle and it's probably the city for which I projected myself the less. Not that I dread moving to Colombo. I was just thinking because we already live in Sri Lanka, moving to Colombo would be simple, and I did not really focus on it. And honestly, it will be. It’s not an international move so no international shipment, packing list, embassies appointments, change of car, registrations in thousands of offices…

But imaging surfing the internet for 8 months, in search of expat groups, feedback, cost of living, having a look at the housing markets, looking at the job offers. It has consumed a lot of my time and my energy, and I have built a thousand life scenarios in my head.
I was dreading going back to Singapore, living in a tiny apartment where the flushing hours are regulated, the washing hours are regulated, where buying 15 kg of vegetable cost you as much as a luxury handbag, were everything is clinically cleaned and organized. I was dreaming going to Phuket, finding a small villa in the Northern part of the island, doing island hopping over the weekend, developing a habit of jogging on the beach. Not that I jog, I am no runner, and I could have done that here (we are literally living on the beach, yet I might have done it like 4 times in two years). But yeah, when I pictured myself living in Phuket, I jogged on the beach every two days.
I was loving the idea of moving to Bangkok, getting geographically closer to my son, and having the options to fly on the cheap to pretty much anywhere in Asia. And let’s not forget the shopping options and amazing sales period. I was already planning my shopping outburst to be specifically synchronized with sales period.

You know what I mean, just imagining and planning our future life in a handful of new places.

But instead we are going to Colombo and I’m not sure what it’s going to be like. I know my options are opened, I could go back to work, or I could decide to enjoy my super glorious status of expat wife (the joke in that being not even being married). I could start a business.
But somehow, because I have already a few clues about the city, it is difficult to just imagine a new life(style).  We have started visiting apartments, and every time we see one that I like, I already imagine which side of the bed I’m going to get, how much closet space will be mine, how I would organize the kitchen while we haven’t decided or signed on it yet. I have no idea why I do that. Picture a hypothetical life in a hypothetical place. Am I alone or are you doing that too?

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  1. You are not alone. I do the same…maybe because I am at home and I have more time to dream about the new location. I have been doing this for the past 20 years and I think I will keep doing it. All the best in Colombo.

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