These 2 exercises will keep you fit for life! Or not…

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I got all excited this morning! I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but this morning there was an article from Travel+Leisure (originally appeared on Business Insider)  saying there is only two exercise we need to do to stay fit for life. (Ahhhhhh, girly scream)

While two, is still a lot more than what I currently do (none 😊). They caught my attention. Only 2 exercises can keep me fit for life – I am all in.

So, I click on the link full of hope I finally found my exercise routine, I scroll through (my current form of daily exercise) in search of the miracle.

Burpees and jumping rope.

I will let that sit here for a while.

Burpees and jumping rope... I could potentially consider jumping rope as a daily exercise, after all, I use to enjoy it as a little girl. But, there is no way I would inflict burpees to myself, be it one time or daily. Have you ever tried ? When you don’t exercise, and start fresh, burpees are like torture. As you finish the first set one, and push on your arm to jump up, you already feel like vomiting, and passing out. My new routine usually stops there...

My hope of finally finding a short miracle fitness routine keeping me fit for life is already fading away – I guess I just have to keep dreaming that exercising my finger scrolling on the screen will consume enough calories to transform my mummy belly into the abs of Kayla Itsines.
Thanksfully, T+L also had an article about 11 leather overnight bags that I really enjoyed, so I guess they made up for the false hope.

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