The first wrinkle

the first wrinkle - skincare

I turned 30-years-old two months ago. And happens what is supposed to happen, I’m getting old. Not that I’m feeling old, I don’t feel old at all. There are days where I would throw a tantrum like a 3-year-old, there are days where I can be as careless as a 13-years-old. And there are days where I feel passionate like a 23-years-old. But even if, I don’t feel like it, when I look in the mirror, there is no denying it. Because, BOUM, there it is, right in the middle of my face, well, right in the middle of my eyebrows to be precise, the first wrinkle. The frown wrinkle.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it so early and I’m not ready for it. How is it possible to have a wrinkle like a fanning elderly, while you also have pimples like a blooming teenager? I am quite fine dealing with my mild acne, as long as my skin feels youthful; maybe acne even helps me feel youthful in some ways. But, acne and wrinkle together, doesn’t seem like a fair combo.

Now that the first wrinkle is here, am I supposed to adapt my skincare routine? A fair answer would be yes. But again, do I really need to start using anti-aging product while I am still using acne-prone product? That can’t be right, it sounds counter-productive

And seriously, how many types of product can we use on our faces? So far, I’m using:

  • Anti-dark spot for my upper-lip
  • Acne-prone for my jaw to chin area
  • Moisturizer for the lips
  • the sacred sunscreen everywhere

Now I’m also going to use anti-aging on my forehead. And if I was serious about it, I should also throw in there some depuffing eye serum. All of this does not even include the daily face-wash, the toner, the occasional masks... It seems a little too much for a small piece of skin, as important as it is. And a serious budget if you think about it.

So, whoever is responsible for it; the skin master, the god of skin, the food I eat, the pillowcase I change every 3 days or the cigarettes I smoke, I’m begging you, if you want to start giving wrinkles, you must stop giving me pimples.

seriously, Alex


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  1. Life does throw us women some challenges. I have given up other than cleansing and moisturisin. I’ve never found anything that makes a jot of difference. Your post did make me giggle though.

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