The first wrinkle

the first wrinkle - skincare

I turned 30-years-old two months ago. And happens what is supposed to happen, I’m getting old. Not that I’m feeling old, I don’t feel old at all. There are days where I would throw a tantrum like a 3-year-old, there are days where I can be as careless as a 13-years-old. And there are days where I feel passionate like a 23-years-old. But even […]

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A trip to Yala National Park

Jeep car on Yala national park trail

One of my favorite thing to do in Sri Lanka, it’s going on a safari tour. It’s exciting, its fun, it’s outdoorsy. So, whenever we have friends or family members visiting the first thing I am planning is a trip to one of the many National Park. There are a few options when it comes to National Parks but the most famous of all […]

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Raising a child in the 21st century

raising a child

I often read articles on child development to see how -with the limited time I have with my child – I can shape my little monkey into a proper adult being. I love reading these articles, they are filled up with good ideas and intentions that are most definitely undoable in real life, like the time I read an article praising that we should […]

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Mexican Salad on a hot day

Mexican Salad

One of the things I like the most about hot and sunny days is that it makes me crave for something chilled and refreshing like a salad. And what is best for a balanced diet then a salad full of goodies? Lately, it had been really hot and sunny (yay!), so I have been trying to make salads that even mister GM would love, […]

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A week end in Galle


I absolutely love any excuse to get dressed up, so when we heard about a charity ball in Galle, our favourite place in Sri Lanka, we were all in. The Galle Fort also known as Dutch Fort is the most elegant spot of Sri Lanka. Added to the UNESCO World heritage site in 1988, the city has since then been reconstructed by the Archaeological […]

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Dressing up a short

dressing up a short

I love shorts.  They are basically my go to outfit for the entire summer, or since I live in the tropic for the entire year. They are just so easy and comfy. And I like to rock a short for pretty much any occasion, but sometimes, wearing a short is just too casual.  Think meeting an agent for lunch or hosting a sunset cocktail […]

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Meal planning like a pro

meal planning cover

I love cooking, and while until not so long ago, cooking was an option and a hobby, it has now become part of the daily routine (remember my last post), no more sneaking into the hotel’s kitchen for tasty leftover. The least I can say is that cooking healthy food is demanding and has even proved itself quite challenging as it takes a lot […]

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