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I get to travel a lot, sometimes it’s fun sometimes not so much... today, it isn’t that fun. First of all, because the plane has been shaking a lot, and watching 15 seasons of plane crash investigation leaves a mark. But secondly because in a window of 24 hours, I get to drive to the airport (3 hours), take a night flight, arrive in Bangkok at 6 am to check-in again at 11 am, then back to Colombo in the afternoon and 3 more hours driving. But difficult or not, your flying experience can improve greatly if you arrive at the airport ready. Check out my list of in-flight essentials below, to make the most of your next plane trip.

I don’t sleep on an airplane, so it’s not fun because I get sleep deprived, I can’t sleep anywhere except in a bed in the dark. But while I still haven’t mastered the art of sleeping (in a plane), I do master the art of flying comfortably.

Here is a list of things that I always fly with :

  1. A Comfortable outfit. And by comfortable, I am not saying you should fly in sweatpants with slippers on (you should NOT). I’m saying something comfy that will give you a bit of room to move (more than the seat you are in any way) but decent and why not stylish. And by stylish, I don’t mean to say you should walk the airport like a runway in 7-inch Louboutin. You should NOT. I have tried it, the style did not get me a free upgrade and my feet sue me for mistreatment. My flying outfit is simple:  straight jeans with a nice blouse and a pair of loafers or white sneakers. Basically, you want to be comfy, look good and cover as much skin as possible because airplanes are gross so the less your skin interact, the better it is.
  2. A Shawl. This is THE thing. A shawl style your travel outfit which if it’s similar to mine would be pretty basic without it. But more importantly, it is an easy layer to put on and off to quickly adjust to your environment. It’s no secret that airport can be cold, plane too, and sometimes they are hot. And, if it wasn’t good enough, you can also use it as a blanket, roll it into a pillow or if you’ve been super lucky and got an entire row for yourself, use it as a protective cushion for your ribs against the belt buckle and other metals fixtures.
  3. A hygiene and beauty kit. Whenever I fly, I’ve notice that whatever imperfections that were, until that point, hiding into the deep layers of my skin, as by the time I land, develop into a fully bloomed pimple.
    Face wash or wipes: I always wash my face right before getting on the plane and apply only my usual daily lotion. If you can’t live without foundation, wait until you land to apply it again.
    A dental kit: it doesn’t require any explanation, especially if you are a coffee and/or cigarette addict.
    Deodorant: I highly recommend the stick kind in tiny travel format. It fits everywhere and unlike the roll-on or spray kinds, it won’t leak.
    Lipbalm:  who can fly without getting her lips dry???? And ladies, this balm from Nuxe is The bomb.

    And last but not least mascara.
    If you are worried about space, do note that all my essentials fit into a tote bag, I do use travel size item like this super small, super effective mascara from Yves Rocher.
    Look at that brush !!

    I almost forgot, face mist. Face mist is perfect to freshen up without leaving your seat and bring on extra moisturizing and glow.
  4. Something to keep myself occupied in lounge and plane: a book, a coloring book, the WordPress app, a manicure kit...
  5. spare blouse and panty if I'm taking a long haul flight or connecting flights. It makes such a difference to freshen up and change after a long haul flight, you really do feel fresher despite the lack of sleep.
  6. Obviously, a charger for all your electronic devices and a plug adaptor. 
  7. Advil, because getting a headache in a plane is never a pleasant experience.

I fit all of that, plus a handful of non-essentials in a tote bag ( tablet, sunglasses, a gift for the little one, cigarette, notebook....).

And you, what are your travel essential and how do you keep busy?


xoxo, Alex

Check out the travel page here, for some travel ideas.

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    1. Thanks Amelia, I fly every month, and I’m always looking for ways to make my flight smooth. Let me know your tips. xx

  1. i agree 100% with this list especially the face wash and/or wipes. Wipes are essential from wiping down arm rests to your neck and face after a flight. Lot of other essentials i hadn’t even thought of. Great post.

  2. That is a great list of things to take when flying. I’ve only been on a plane once in my life and I didn’t have a clue as to what to take with me. I’m glad I did have a jacket. I had to buy a book at the airport because I had a 2 hour layover.

    1. Thanks Janet, yes flying can be daunting, boring and cold, but still I find it amazing to be able to travel in the sky and oh so convenient.

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