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I was telling you the other day about my first wrinkle. And, how unfair it is to see the first lines appearing on your face while you are still battling a few spots. After agonizing over the thought that I am getting old(er) and that it starts to show, I gave in, went to the mall and invested in my first anti-aging product. And took this opportunity to replenish a few of my beauty essentials, which gave me the idea to share with you the beauty products I swear by.


TWLB - beauty essentials - Effaclar La Roche-Posay

Effaclar, 3 steps,

I first started with the Serum Effaclar K about a year ago and saw a real improvement after 3 weeks. I decided to buy the entire range hoping it would end my acne, and it almost did. I am now using Effaclar 3 steps as part of my daily routine, and I love it. The foaming gel gives your skin a super clean feel, while the lotion and serum hydrate your skin, without making it oily or dry.  I’m a real fan of this range, and I really look forward to visiting a drugstore in France, to find more products from it. I saw online they have a BB cream that would perfect for the days, I’m not leaving the house and don’t want to wear foundation.

Rêve de miel, lip moisturizing stick

This one is an oldie but a goodie, I shared it with you in my in-flight essential post. I use this stick twice a day when I am not traveling, and a lot more whenever I fly. I apply it as the last step of my morning and evening routine and have constant soft lips. And that smell…

TWLB - beauty essentials - Lipbalm NUXE
TWLB - beauty essentials - body lotion Q10 Nivea


Firming body lotion Q10

I have never been much of a lotion type of girl, not that I don't want to, I'd love to have a super smooth skin, but I forgot almost everytime... but this Nivea body lotion it is a staple on my bathroom counter. Whenever I remember or have burned my skin at the beach, I pile on this light lotion that leaves me feeling oil-free, yet moisturized.



When it comes to makeup, I like to keep it simple. A good foundation, a long-lasting mascara ( aka waterproof mascara), a touch of blush and these days lipstick.

Forever, Diorskin

One thing that helps me feel confident when I walk in a room, is knowing that my skin looks great. So I rarely leave the house without foundation. And what’s best than a good foundation that doesn’t show and yet covers your imperfections. Diorskin forever is all that in one product. It lasts the entire day, covers your imperfections and dark circles, without the look of a full coverage foundation. It is a small investment given the price but it is worth it.

TWLB - beauty essentials - Forever Dior
TWLB - beauty essentials - Mascara Maybelline


The Falsies, Volum’ Express

I love almost all the mascara from Maybelline New-York, and probably change to a new one every time I renew my mascara. I’m currently using the falsies, and I love it, I was using Hyper Curl before and I loved it. What I am looking for every time is a curved and wired brush, I hate the rubber comb, I just can’t figure out how to work with it. It lasts all day, gives you Bambi eyes with long and separated lashes, and on top of that, the price point is low.

Nude pop Lip Color and Primer

Sometimes I like to add a bit of lipstick to my look. When I want something discreet and easy, I go for a nude color. I love the color of this stick, it is nude and suits my skin tone perfectly yet it has a discreet shiny finish that brightens the overall look.

TWLB - beauty essential - Nude pop Clinique
TWLB - beauty essentials - Cruella Matte NARS

Cruella, Velvet Matte Lipstick

When I’m going for more glamorous or bolder look like if I have a date with Mr. perfect, I always go for an off-red shade, something Bordeaux or burgundy. This Nars lipstick is highly pigmented, and give a full color even without a base or primer – I know the base is super important but I just don’t want to bother with it-  The only downside is if you have dry lips, it looks terrible, as it would with any dark matte lipstick.

Sì, Eau de Parfum

A woman’s perfume is just as important as her handwriting, as per Dior. And I love the subtle smell of their Sì fragrance that my mum gifted me last Christmas. Sì has a top note of blackcurrant nectar, a heart of freesia and Rose of Mai, with a musky blond wood base. Mum, if you read this and haven't gotten my Christmas yet, I wouldn't mind the same as last year:).

TWLB - beauty essentials - Si Giorgio Armani


And you, what is your beauty essentials?

xoxo, Alex

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