How to manage the post-parties’ aches

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So, you did Christmas and new-year is around the corner. With all these parties, you ate too much, drunk way too much, dance the entire night, and slept way too less… your body is in pain, you are feeling blah, and you’d want to stay in bed the whole day. But the kids are up at 6 as usual and you suffer. Here are a few remedies to manage the post-parties’ aches.

The indigestion

Appetizers, foie gras, turkey, cheese, log, chocolates, and champagne. The festive dinners are a real feast and you enjoyed it to the last bite, but now your liver is making you suffer.

The classic solution:  Betaine Citrate. These effervescent tablets sold in pharmacies act on the hepatic metabolism. They give a real boost to your liver to better manage excess. Dissolve it in a glass of water and drink it just after the dinner.

To ease the digestion:  drink an herbal tea made of rosemary, basilic, fennel, anise, cumin, peppermint. Choose the right plant to boost the digestive system. ready-to-use mixtures are available commercially, but dried plants can also be obtained from the herbalist. To keep all their virtues, let them infuse ten minutes in almost boiling water before drinking. Drink 3 or 4 cups the day after, and you’ll feel light by the evening.

The homeopathic solution: Le Nux vomica 9 Ch. Take 3 granules, three times a day, until you feel better.

Anti-nausea: The essential oil of ginger. This is the reflex to have in case of nausea: a drop of essential oil of ginger directly under the tongue or in a hint of honey, help tolerate nausea.

You are bloated

When sugars and fats ferment in the digestive tract, they cause gas that swells the stomach and sometimes causes painful abdominal cramps.

The express solution: activated carbon. It absorbs gas and restores a feeling of freedom in no time. The only contraindication, it can slow the assimilation of certain drugs and oral contraceptives. Activated charcoal should, therefore, be taken two hours before or two hours after taking your drug treatment.

To gently relieve: the aromatic massage. Dilute a few drops of essential oils of basil and/or tarragon in a neutral vegetable oil and gently massage your abdomen in a clockwise direction.

Anti-pain: an antispasmodic. Spasfon is effective in case of crisis to relieve the pain related to digestive spasms.

The headache

The day after the party, the lack of sleep and/or the excess of Alcohol, are giving the worst headache possible. There is no miracle, you will suffer, but there are solutions to suffer a little less.

Anti-migraine: peppermint essential oil or Tiger Balm do wonder. Apply it directly on the painful area and massage It for a few minutes.
skip the analgesic: Paracetamol is rather effective against a headache, on the other hand, if in addition to having drunk a lot, you also had a lot to eat, it will overload your liver already solicit by the feasts. In that case, the best solution is still to drink a lot of water before going to bed, and when you get up. This will help eliminate toxins and offset dehydration caused by alcohol.

You haven’t slept enough

You haven’t slept much and your kid(s) woke you up at 6 or, you had to go to work – there are no holidays for parents and executives.

The best remedies are to expose yourself to the sunlight, and if possible take a 30 minutes nap. If it’s not possible, there are a few things that can give you extra energy.

The energizing vitamins. To stimulate the vitality, it is necessary to bet on formulas with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and a cooperation of minerals and trace elements like magnesium. My favorite vitamins tablet is by far Berocca, it gives a real kick that lasts for hours and helps (a lot) with hangover

You’ve danced all night long

You wore your most fabulous shoes, 5 inches high, and dance through the night… but now you are suffering. Your muscles are sore, your feet swollen and covered with blisters.

Against swollen legs and feet, start by avoiding too hot showers and baths, and whenever possible raises your legs a little when you are at rest.

To revive the blood circulation, take supplements based on red vine. They promote circulation and limit the swelling of the veins.

To disinfect and relieve the blisters,  add one tablespoon of baking soda to a hot water basin, and do a foot bath for 20 minutes.

To soothe aches, take Arnica ointment or homeopathic granules (9CH)  until the disappearance of pain.


Do you have any post-party remedies that works well for you ? if yes, feel free to share, I never say no to a good advice.

xoxo, Alex

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