last-minute Valentine’s Day gift guide

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift guide

I am such a terrible lover this year. We are only four days away from valentine’s day and I’m yet to find a gift for my better half. I have been looking around for the perfect gift but given where I am and the efficiency of the customs department, there is no way I can get something delivered in time.
If you are like me, a bit late on Valentine's gift, here is a last-minute Valentine's Day gift guide for him to inspire you. And if you are not like me, not living in the middle of nowhere with a terrible (hear sloooooow) custom system, you should be able to get it delivered right on time.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine's day gift guide for him

Ladies, I got your covered. I made a list of things I have been lurking at, just in case you know, my better half visit the blog (hint, hint hint). So, if you are worried either your man is getting you something, or if you will like your present. You can always leave him clues around the house or email him my wish list. You know, to give him an idea of what women like.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for her

I am also yet to make plans for our Valentine's Day dinner and I can't figure out something different from what we have done the previous years. Have you made plans for your Valentine's yet? What are they? I'm on the look for some ideas.

xoxo, Alex

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  1. Now it’s two days away and I have yet to find anything, and I’m oretty sure he got me a new 6 quart, glass bowl, candy apple red KitchinAid mixer. The pressure is on!

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