How to survive a trip home as an expat

Expat life : going back home

Going back home as an expat is a mix of excitements and doubts. You are so excited to see your family, your friends, eat your favorite food and do things the way you are used to doing them. Be it, brunching, shopping, jogging, banking… but it also comes with its lot of challenges, particularly the first time you go back home as an expat. […]

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A trip to Yala National Park

Jeep car on Yala national park trail

One of my favorite thing to do in Sri Lanka, it’s going on a safari tour. It’s exciting, its fun, it’s outdoorsy. So, whenever we have friends or family members visiting the first thing I am planning is a trip to one of the many National Park. There are a few options when it comes to National Parks but the most famous of all […]

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A week end in Galle


I absolutely love any excuse to get dressed up, so when we heard about a charity ball in Galle, our favourite place in Sri Lanka, we were all in. The Galle Fort also known as Dutch Fort is the most elegant spot of Sri Lanka. Added to the UNESCO World heritage site in 1988, the city has since then been reconstructed by the Archaeological […]

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