The biggest fashion trends of spring 2018

fashion trends of spring 2018

Spring is here, finally. Which means it’s time to transition our wardrobe. While as expats living in the tropic, we don’t really transition our wardrobe from one season to the next, after all we’ve got only two: really hot, and hot & humid. We should still have a look at the biggest fashion trends of spring 2018 to refresh our style.   The pastel […]

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Dressing up a short

dressing up a short

I love shorts.  They are basically my go to outfit for the entire summer, or since I live in the tropic for the entire year. They are just so easy and comfy. And I like to rock a short for pretty much any occasion, but sometimes, wearing a short is just too casual.  Think meeting an agent for lunch or hosting a sunset cocktail […]

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