Meal planning like a pro

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I love cooking, and while until not so long ago, cooking was an option and a hobby, it has now become part of the daily routine (remember my last post), no more sneaking into the hotel’s kitchen for tasty leftover. The least I can say is that cooking healthy food is demanding and has even proved itself quite challenging as it takes a lot […]

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A month of clean eating – perks & pitfalls

Eating healthy - perks and pitfalls - clean eating - clean living

Et voila! Just like that, we are celebrating a month of healthy and clean eating (YAY !!), always in the same attempt at getting our bad cholesterol to an acceptable level (Booooo). Taking our good cholesterol up, is also a necessity, but we haven’t taken this seriously enough yet, I’m the only one who has been going to the gym, and I’m far from […]

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30 Things I learned before 30

About Alex from the Wife-Life Balance

In a month from now, I’m turning 30. I’m super excited, I love birthdays. While I’m getting ready for a new decade of greatness, I am also looking back at what I have learned so far. Some points are wiser than others, but I believe there are all worth a pretty penny. Smoking is not cool – do not start. Once you start, you […]

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These 2 exercises will keep you fit for life! Or not…

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I got all excited this morning! I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but this morning there was an article from Travel+Leisure (originally appeared on Business Insider)  saying there is only two exercise we need to do to stay fit for life. (Ahhhhhh, girly scream) While two, is still a lot more than what I currently do (none 😊). They caught my attention. Only […]

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