We are moving

we are moving to Colombo

Boom! That’s a news! Actually, not really. While it may come as a surprise to you, it is no surprise to us. We have known for almost a year that we would be moving, yet until now, we had no idea when and where we would be moving. Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, Singapore, all the options were open.  It has finally been decided, […]

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Mr. GM

My Love

I often hint or talk about him in a funny way, yet I rarely gush about him. Today is Valentine’s day and not only did I not get him a gift yet, I also am away from him traveling… I just want to say how amazing Mr. GM is. Little did I know when I met him 4 years ago that I’d be following […]

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How to survive Christmas – my guide to keep your cool this holidays

Surviving Christmas

Ideally, Christmas should be a celebration of, love and wonders, with gifts, annual bonus, and good wine. All of that, celebrated in good company. In reality, Christmas is quite a mess with endless family dinner where one member, at least, will get drunk and obnoxious; last minute gift shopping in an overcrowded mall, kids going hyper and uncontrollable, excess of food and beverage. It […]

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The first wrinkle

the first wrinkle - skincare

I turned 30-years-old two months ago. And happens what is supposed to happen, I’m getting old. Not that I’m feeling old, I don’t feel old at all. There are days where I would throw a tantrum like a 3-year-old, there are days where I can be as careless as a 13-years-old. And there are days where I feel passionate like a 23-years-old. But even […]

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Raising a child in the 21st century

raising a child

I often read articles on child development to see how -with the limited time I have with my child – I can shape my little monkey into a proper adult being. I love reading these articles, they are filled up with good ideas and intentions that are most definitely undoable in real life, like the time I read an article praising that we should […]

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A month of clean eating – perks & pitfalls

Eating healthy - perks and pitfalls - clean eating - clean living

Et voila! Just like that, we are celebrating a month of healthy and clean eating (YAY !!), always in the same attempt at getting our bad cholesterol to an acceptable level (Booooo). Taking our good cholesterol up, is also a necessity, but we haven’t taken this seriously enough yet, I’m the only one who has been going to the gym, and I’m far from […]

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30 Things I learned before 30

About Alex from the Wife-Life Balance

In a month from now, I’m turning 30. I’m super excited, I love birthdays. While I’m getting ready for a new decade of greatness, I am also looking back at what I have learned so far. Some points are wiser than others, but I believe there are all worth a pretty penny. Smoking is not cool – do not start. Once you start, you […]

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These 2 exercises will keep you fit for life! Or not…

back to sport

I got all excited this morning! I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but this morning there was an article from Travel+Leisure (originally appeared on Business Insider)  saying there is only two exercise we need to do to stay fit for life. (Ahhhhhh, girly scream) While two, is still a lot more than what I currently do (none 😊). They caught my attention. Only […]

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