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About Alex from the Wife-Life Balance


I'm Alex,

I'm an early-thirty French girl living in Asia, spending most of my time cooking, traveling, writing and pretending that I'm going to hit the gym... I love food and fashion, although I'm more of a 'classic fashion' lover than the 'latest fashion trend' setter and, above all I love my boys. My cheerful 4 years old and my better half.

I'm also an expat partner. Or as people categorize me a trailing spouse, an expat wife, an accompanying spouse and my two favorites: the dependent and the wife of.

I've been expatriate for 8 years, 6 of those I was the expat, but for the last 2, I became the expat wife.

Most people believe that as an expat wife I've got nothing valuable to do. For them, my days are solely filled with luxury, from manicure appointment to bubbles by the pool. While it is partially true, they don't see the struggles, boredom and adjustment it takes to becoming an expat wife.

I'm starting this blog to share all the things I love and take you on my journey to find the right balance towards a happier, healthier life as an expat wife.

Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you're here!


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