30 Things I learned before 30

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In a month from now, I’m turning 30. I’m super excited, I love birthdays. While I’m getting ready for a new decade of greatness, I am also looking back at what I have learned so far. Some points are wiser than others, but I believe there are all worth a pretty penny.

  1. Smoking is not cool – do not start. Once you start, you are screwed. I am so screwed…
  2. Your life goals will change 10 times before you turn 30. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and go blindly ahead. Remain open-minded.
  3. When you’re told to sit straight, just do it, having a crooked back is not sexy and make your boobs fall faster.
  4. Your style will evolve, do not invest in pricy pieces until you stick to yours for more than 2 years. Instead invest in classic timeless pieces: a well-cut blazer, a pair of stiletto, a little black dress. These never go out of style.
  5. Career is not the most important thing in life. I know it’s hard to see but family. friends and love will bring you a lot more happiness than that top-executive job and its six-figure salary. Happiness can’t be bought. Not in the long run anyway. Don’t get me wrong, hard-work is important, you must work hard and do it well, but don’t let it get in the way of your relationships.
  6. Pay it forward. Chances are if you are able to read this post that you have enough in life. Give to the homeless, feed straight dog, give your time, volunteer. If you don’t do it to make a positive impact, do it for yourselves. Helping others will make you happy.
  7. And smile. Be nice. Give positive energy. Hold the door, give your seat to the elderly. Be respectful. Help your neighbor or your colleague. Being nice will take you a long way and it will pay back. Karma, baby!
  8. Listen to your parents. They have been there, they know more than you think.
  9. Smoking weed does not make you a whore selling yourself and pacing the streets up and down in search of your next fix. My parents were wrong on this point. Weed is fine.
  10. Don’t put sugars in your drinks, don’t put salt on your food. Down the line, it will make a big impact on your health
  11. Apply sunscreen – on your face, on your body, everywhere. That cool summer glow will turn into wrinkles and sun mark in no time.
  12. It is crucial to remove your make up and wash your face before going to sleep
  13. Scrubbing your skin off won’t make your pimples and black-heads go away, quite the contrary. Invest in good skin care for sensitive skin. That does marvel.
  14. You know that older guy that has been chasing you for 6 months. Don’t let him fool you, he is only interested to get you in his sheets. Same goes for the hot guy or the bad guy.
  15. Fell in love with a good man. A smart, kind, and genuine human being is what you need. You don’t need the status, you don’t need the money, you don’t need the hottie. You need a GOOD man, that listen to you, love you, believe in you and considerate you.
  16. Don’t listen to people (except your parents), make your own opinion.
  17. Force yourself to drink water. Everybody says it for a reason. It is true, water does cool things to your body. If you don’t like water like I do, use my trick: put small pieces of fruit in it, it tastes better.
  18. Sex is an important part of the relationship. Invest in it, spice things up, talk about it.
  19. Your life will never be perfect, learn to appreciate the small things. If you have a roof and food on your plate every day, quit bitching about your problems. You are already part of the lucky 20 %. Be grateful. Tell people you are grateful. Say thank you more often.
  20. Climate change is real, you don’t need a Ph.D. to get it.
  21. Trump is not scary. Trump is dumb. Trump’s dumbness in power is scary.
  22. If you host people for dinner, don’t overdo it. Stick to your basic. This way you won’t screw it completely.
  23. Boneless chicken + mushroom + cream always make a good meal.
  24. Be classy, AT ALL TIME. Present yourself in a good way. Your hairs, nails, and shoes should be clean and neat. No matter where you are and what you are doing.
  25. No, you don’t need a 7th pair of jeans even if you really really want it.
  26. Peeing on a jellyfish sting won’t make it less painful, it will however make it more difficult for you to seek help. Do you really want to give your leg sprayed with smelly urine to a stranger?
  27. I have finally, and I really would like to emphasize finally learn to keep my mouth shut.
  28. Cook more. Give up the take-away and ready to eat food. You’ll save money, improve your health and if you are like me, find a new way to relax.
  29. I am not perfect. You are not perfect. Nothing is perfect. Accept it, embrace it. You’ll feel a lot lighter
  30. Breaking someone, hearts is even harder than having your heart broken. But it’s better to let someone go than holding on to them for the wrong reasons.

I’m so looking forward to a new decade full of surprises and new life lesson.

With all my love,


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